At Erideon, we relentlessly strive to help our clients and partners achieve significant and lasting improvements in productivity, agility and engagement, through process optimisation and seamless collaboration using best-of-breed technology.

With head office in Singapore and reach to all parts of the world, Erideon has been a key provider of Business Process Management systems to national governments, large enterprises as well as growing business for over a decade.

Combining the expertise from our professional services team and practice consultants with our Interact Live business process management and low-code development platform, Erideon delivers cutting edge technology with efficiency and speed.

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Some of the key areas we create solutions include:

Workflow and Lifecycle Management

Business Rule Management and Automation

Collaboration, Teaming and Functional Families

Document Management / Paperless Office

Reporting Engine with Access Rights and Schedules

Charting and Dashboard Visualization Tools

Organizational Charts and Matrix Relationships

User Management, Personalization and Languages

Granular Security and Audit, Bulletin Boards

Our Key Strengths

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We have incorporated unparalleled flexibility into our process and design to allow fine-tuning of the end product to suit the niche requirements of individual clients. Equipped with powerful reporting capabilities, security practices and automation processes, our system is the perfect partner to any organisation. Our system integrates with other systems including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.


Erideon Group has assembled a collaborative team of partners comprising highly skilled professionals, domain experts and support specialists, as well as a management team with extensive experience to direct projects of various sizes and complexities.


We seek to form lasting relationships with each individual client through dedicated, efficient and proactive support programme that does not merely respond to requests from our clients, but initiates and delivers to clients the latest in industry “best practice” and technologies.

Our Principles

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Integrity underlies the fundamental approach to everything we do. It encompasses our responsible, competent and timely conduct while also covers our resourceful use of people and technology to tie together all links in the process.

We relentlessly search for ways to improve outcomes, incorporate new technologies and adopt top tier in best practices to ensure our clients stay ahead in optimal engagement of its people and processes.

We strive to conduct our operations out of sight, with results rather than processes being the focus. We also ensure that our activities are clear and the progress is always visible. The delicate balance between seeing-through and seeing-into what we do will be closely knit with the individual working style of each client.

Erideon is strongly committed to ensuring the strictest standard of privacy and confidentiality for all our clients in all aspects of our work. We approach each engagement as one of a trusted partnership.

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