At Erideon, we provide Interact on-the-job mentoring and coaching. We believe it is critical that your team is staffed with certified, experienced resources that can provide guidance, oversight, mentoring and domain expertise. Our Consulting Services provide resources that compliment these delivery teams who are not yet fully enabled or require expert services in a specific functional area. With this in mind, we provide on-site experts to improve your knowledge base on the Interact System from the inception on request.

Assessments and Recommendations

Assessments and Recommendations

Alignment Workshops

Our experts provide in-depth presentations around our current methodology and its challenges and walk you through Erideon best practices. With our knowledge team expertise we will help gear your team for successful implementations.

Design Review

We provide evaluations early in the project to reduce risk and cost and discover best performance, responsiveness, design, quality, scalability and security.

Usability Review

Throughout the process, we can provide an evaluation on the user experience on different platforms to provide recommendations specifically tailored to your enterprise strategy. We look at architecture issues, process gaps, data requirements and any design problems.

Performance check

We provide an auditing service to diagnose and evaluate performance and scale issues that may affect implementations of the Interact platform. We follow this up with practical advice and remediation guidance.

On-site Experts

We can place a small team of experts within your ogranisation to assess and examine business objectives and requirements to create a rapid and accurate review of costs, resources and timelines. This provides a risk assessment and greater certainty on scope.

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Our consulting group can provide you help to build solutions that enable you to leverage your investment in technology, and in existing enterprise systems. To learn more or discuss with our Consulting team, please contact us to discuss.