Erideon Marketplace is our solution repository, where we ourselves and our Partners upload and share our solutions. You can review our solutions, find what suits your business and download the solution to your system. As a creator, you can share your solutions here with us, to publicise your work. The benefits are endless when the solution list keeps growing.

Find key Solutions to get your organisation’s Business Process Management solutions in order with ease. Right out of the box, these solutions come with predefined Workflows, Content Management and Business Rules in place.

Browse a market of solutions to find the one for you. The solutions can be browsed and sorted with ease, as the marketplace comes categorised, with tags for easy filtering.

On finding your solution, you can download within minutes and have your workflows in order in no time at all. Our system comes with helpful resources to get you setup and the easy to use interface makes your setup simple.

Upload your own personally made solutions to share with the world. You can create the solutions yourself, and share them with Partners and external organisations.

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