Our Partners Programme allows designers and developers access to our system. These Partners gain access to the Erideon Interact suite, with full access to all platform functionalities and APIs.

Becoming a part of our Partners program will give you access to a network of people and organisations who collaborate daily on new projects.

Partners Community

Partner connect

The Partners portal allows you to connect with other Partners, to share and discuss the Erideon products and services. Partners can share solutions, share stories and work together on key projects, all within our Partners portal.

Community Support

Within the Community are forums and shared conversations to work together and learn from previous and pending discussions.

Event invitations

Erideon will host events regularly to train, discuss and grow our Partners Network. Together, we can come together, network and share, so our solutions and systems can expand and businesses together continue to flourish ongoing.

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Countless resources are available to those who join the network, making your study easy. You can access these resources with ease and find yourself confidently working the system in no time.

Partners resources, training and downloads

Customer engagement resources

The Partners portal comes with key customer engagement resources, so you or your organisation can approach your clients to promote the benefits of using Erideon Group’s solutions to run their BPMs. These include presentation slides and pre-sales training resources to name a few, so you can expertly demonstrate the tools to your clients.

Pre-sales resources and personalised assistance

Documentation on our system is available to read, watch or download within our Partners portal. These resources will train you up on your sales strategies, to learn the system and be the expert on the software in the room with your clients. If needed, we can be reached for personalised assistance as well.

Post-sales resources – Project Management

Erideon has already built many solutions for clients in the past and have all the resources needed to assist your team once you have sold solutions to your clients. Post-sales resources are available such as Project Management templates to set up your team for the project ahead.

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